Non-Wheelchair Clothing

We offer a range of accessories that are extremely useful for people who don't use wheelchairs but have difficulty managing some of their clothing. For example we have easy pull up elasticated waist trousers for customers who have difficulty with fastenings, and since we added them to our range, and they have been a great success. We think this may be because our elasticated waist trousers have the elastic hand-slotted, rather than shirred, and are much easier to pull up and down. 

Included in this range are specially designed trousers that are easy to manage, clip on ties which are selected from a leading tie manufacturer and made up specially for us. 

Also in this range are extra wide fitting socks, shoes and slippers designed to be worn by people with very swollen legs and feet, which have been acclaimed by our customers. 

Elasticated Waist Trousers

Slippers, Shoes and Socks