Socks for swollen feet

Our extra wide fuller fitting socks for swollen feet will stretch gently to accommodate swollen ankles, legs and feet without creating pressure and are much loved by our customers.

Made with the highest-quality cotton to offer exceptional, ultra-soft wear, these Fuller-Fitting Socks for swollen feet have been designed to offer all-day comfort for those in need. Ideal for conditions including oedema (fluid retention), lymphoedema and other issues causing swelling of the legs, ankles or feet, the wide-fitting, ribbed design offers a secure fit without digging in, plus smooth interior seams to avoid any irritation.

Key features:

    • Ultra-wide, stretchy fit for large or swollen legs/feet
    • Made with high-quality cotton for an ultra-soft feel
    • Offers a secure fit without restricting circulation
    • Maximum lateral stretch 40cm, maximum circumference 80cm
    • Made in Britain

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