Trousers for wheelchair users features

Why it’s so important to make sure your trousers are right for you!

All our trousers are designed to make sure you’re comfortable, particularly when seated. Here’s a quick explanation on why each of our special features are important.

Drop front – Whether you need to be able to manage your trousers with one hand, have the help of a carer or even have a catheter or a colostomy bag, our drop front trousers are here for daily comfort and ease.

Elasticated waist – Theres nothing worse than trousers that dig into your sides when you are in your wheelchair. An elasticated waist gives you ultimate comfort and stops the trousers from feeling restrictive.

Flat seams – Your generically made trousers won’t have flat seams, which means that you’re more than likely going to get sore in the areas where the seam sits. Flat seams won’t do this!

Reinforced belt loops – Never rip your brand-new trousers again with our reinforced belt loops! We understand that belt loops are often used to help you pull your trousers on so its important that they are strong enough to withstand force without ripping.

Hidden zip length – It looks like any standard-length zip, but will actually give you more room when putting on and removing your trousers.

Higher back/lower front – Having a high rise back and lower front means that they will stay in the correct position when you are seated.

Longer leg length – When you buy trousers not specifically designed for wheelchair users, you usually find that the leg rises upwards when you are sat down. Our long length trouser legs will sit at ankle length.

Vertical pockets - Fed up of watching your phone or loose change fall out of your pockets? With our vertical pockets (that are also deeper) you’ll never have to worry about that again!

Bespoke service – We really do think you’ll be beyond impressed with our wheelchair trousers, but if you find that you need a different size in waist or leg length, we also offer a bespoke service. All you need to do is give us a call and we can have a chat about what you need from us.