Wheelchair Waterproofs

Able2 Wear offers a wide range of wheelchair waterproofs for men and women, including warm lined and non-lined garments, all of which are 100% waterproof. 

Here's a guide to our wheelchair waterproofs:

Non-lined waterproofs

Our range of non-lined waterproofs can be folded away ready to be taken out for when a shower breaks.

Ponchos and capes

A choice of waterproof ponchos and capes made from heavyweight nylon, that can be worn on their own or with our waterproof cocoon or leg wrap. Both items have hoods and a rear fly sheet to deflect the rainwater away from the seat.

Men's waterproof poncho

Women's waterproof poncho

Wheelchair waterproof cape

Leg covers

This wheelchair waterproof leg cover is ideal to carry with you as it folds down very small but pops on quickly in a sudden shower. It tucks around the legs and fastens around the waist.

Wheelchair waterproof leg wrap

Full length covers

Simply pops over the head and covers the wearer from head to toe! It has a zip neck opening with attached hood and fly cape to deflect the rain away from the seat.

Wheelchair waterproof full length cover


Warm lined waterproofs

All of our warm lined waterproofs have a fleece lining for extra warmth during those colder months.

Waterproof wheelchair jackets

Available in front opening or back fastening versions for those who have difficulty getting their arms into sleeves, and our simple alteration means that this still looks and functions like an ordinary jacket, but is much easier to put on.

Men's front fastening wheelchair waterproof jacket

Women's front fastening wheelchair waterproof jacket

Men's back fastening wheelchair waterproof jacket

Women's back fastening wheelchair waterproof jacket

Waterproof wheelchair cape

Our warm lined waterproof wheelchair cape has a thick fleece lining, back cape to deflect rain away and a detachable hood. Our cape offers all the warmth and weather protection of a jacket, with the convenience
of a cape that slips over your shoulders. The cape is a convenient garment for customers who have trouble lifting their arms to put on a jacket.

Warm lined waterproof wheelchair cape

Waterproof wheelchair trousers

Our warm lined, waterproof and windproof trousers have a quilted lining, making them ideal for wheelchair users all year round. They are supplied as 2 separate legs and are cleverly cut and shaped for wheelchair users.

Men's warm lined waterproof wheelchair trousers

Women's warm lined waterproof wheelchair trousers

Waterproof wheelchair leg wrap

Our warm lined waterproof leg wrap with fl eece lining is so much better than a wheelchair blanket as it is cleverly cut to remove bulk of fabric behind the knees, and it closes with Velcro to envelope your legs and ankles in soft fleecy warmth. It wraps around the body and legs to keep you warm without trailing ends, and goes on and off without having to get out of your wheelchair.

Warm lined waterproof wheelchair leg wrap

Waterproof wheelchair cosy toes snug

Our waterproof wheelchair cosy toes, with a detachable fleece inner layer, has been specially designed to pull on and take off without having to leave the wheelchair. Simply pull on over the feet and up to the waist to offer all-round leg protection.

Warm lined waterproof wheelchair cosy toes