Men's Elasticated Waist Trousers

We offer a wide range of men’s elasticated waist trousers, suitable for a variety of needs and available in styles to suit all occasions.

Ideal for those who have difficulties managing waistband fastenings and zips, our trousers have been specifically designed to offer maximum comfort for the wearer without sacrificing on comfort and style. Available in a range of fabrics, every design boasts belt loops, handy side pockets, a higher back and hand-threaded elastic; meaning they’ll look, feel and act like any normal trouser, just with a little added ease for those who need it.

For a sharper look, our formal trousers offer a sleek, comfortable solution. Made from natural, light and breathable fabric, the trousers hold a crease well to achieve that smart, just-ironed look, available in black, charcoal, grey and navy. In contrast, for a more casual look, our cord trousers and chinos are ideal. Perfect for colder weather, the cords offer warmth and comfort in attractive khaki, navy, brown and sand colourways, whilst our chinos are great for when the warmer weather sets in.

No matter what the style, ease of use and comfort are guaranteed with our trousers. No tricky fastenings and zips mean that the trousers are simple to get on and off when needed, whilst clever design elements – such as the higher back and concealed side pockets – mean that they look and function as a normal trouser should, whilst ensuring comfort whilst both sitting and standing.

Our elasticated waist trousers are also all machine-washable, hard-wearing and easy to care for, with no need for dry cleaning.

Features include:

  • No fly, fastenings or buttons
  • Higher back
  • Elastic is threaded, not shirred, for extra comfort
  • Belt loops - can work with our easy fastening belt

If you have any questions, or you would like to place an order over the phone, please phone us on 0141 775 3738.

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  1. Men's elasticated waist cords
    Men's Elasticated Waist Cords
    £51.00 £42.50
  2. Men's Elasticated Waist Easy Care Chinos
    Men's Elasticated Waist Easy Care Chinos
    £47.40 £39.50
  3. Men's Elasticated Waist Smart Trousers
    Men's Elasticated Waist Formal Trousers
    £45.00 £37.50
  4. Men's Elasticated Waist Premium Cotton Chinos
    Men's Elasticated Waist Premium Cotton Chinos
    £62.40 £52.00
  5. Men's Tracksuit Bottoms with full side zips
    Men's Tracksuit Bottoms with full side zips
    £45.00 £37.50
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