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Washing Instructions


That is, all our trousers – should be turned outside in and washed at 30 degrees. They may be washed at 40 degrees if preferred, but we recommend 30 degrees to cut down on the need to iron some of them.

Spin dry and re-shape while damp – ie, when they come out of the spin drier please straighten them out, pull gently on the legs ensure they go back to the correct length as some of them, especially the leisure trousers, will contract a little as they have so much cotton in them. Hang out to dry or tumble on a low setting. They may be ironed if necessary on the right side over a pressing cloth.

IMPORTANT – Be sure to turn the CORDS and MOLESKINS outside in and don’t over-fill the washing machine or the pile may be damaged, especially on the first wash.


All denims should also be turned outside in for washing. As these do not go for chemical washing after manufacture they will lose dye, so be sure to turn them outside in and wash them separately for at least the first wash. This is very important. In fact, if you are happy with the fit you might like to wash them once before wearing to avoid dye coming off on your skin the first time you wear them.


All fleece garments should be washed at 30 degrees, and hung out to dry or tumbled on a cool cycle. They will not shrink but should not be laundered at high temperatures or they may stretch or become misshapen.


Waterproofs should not be machine washed. They may be sponged on the outside to clean. In the event of an unlined garment becoming badly soiled it may be hand washed, rinsed thoroughly and hung up to drip and dry naturally.

Lined waterproofs should have the lining removed and washed separately, but in the event of badly soiled waterproofs with fixed linings, such as the cape or the warm lined jackets, they should be carefully hand washed, turned outside in and hung up to drip for a short time to get the worst of the water out of them, then rolled up in a bath towel and pressed to take more water out of them.

Then they should hung up to dry. Do not try to spin or tumble dry or you will damage the waterproofing of the outer material.


Smokers aprons have been treated to make them fire retardant. They may be washed a few times if they become very dirty. Hand wash only in a weak solution of detergent. Do not rub. Rinse thoroughly and hang out to drip and dry. They may be ironed when dry or almost dry.

If you have any specific enquiries about laundering our garments please do not hesitate to ask. We will not be responsible for damage done to any of our products through any process of laundering or cleaning.