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Help for Carers

In the case of problems such as Alzheimers/dementia continence management, our customers are usually not the wearers, but the carers.

We have included Alzheimers and dementia under the same heading as continence management as we are often contacted by family carers who are struggling to help male relatives who can no longer remember how to manage a zip fastening, and have accidents when they need to go to the lavatory. This is very distressing for everyone, so we have produced a pull on elasticated waist style of trousers which has a fly opening but no fastening at all. The secret is that it has such a deep facing under the opening that it does not gape and is completely concealing while allowing easy access for the wearer.

If simply continence management for a wheelchair user is the problem, then the drop front wheelchair trousers permit easy access with a bottle or to attend to a catheter, and we have a clever little absorbent cotton trouser guard which helps protect the wearer and the trousers from each other, to put it politely. For women who use pads but still have occasional problems with leakage, we have a cotton underskirt which, while not an incontinence product in itself, has a large absorbent cotton lined waterproof panel on the back to protect clothing and furniture from leaks.