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Stroke / Head Injury / Hemiplegia

Although our first garments were designed for people who had paraplegia or quadriplegia, it wasn’t long before we became aware of the needs of people with hemiplegia, who may or may not be wheelchair users.

Someone who has hemiplegia and uses a wheelchair needs the same cut as every other wheelchair user, but he also needs garments which can be managed with one hand to give him independence. For this reason we designed the unique drop front wheelchair trousers which can be fastened easily with one hand but the outer front drops down easily to allow complete independence in personal care and toilet visits for someone who uses a bottle. Similarly, smart shirts and clip on ties help make dressing largely independent again. We have a range of fleeces for wheelchair users, including capes and ponchos which don’t have sleeves, but for serious outdoor wear we can supply back fastening waterproof wheelchair jackets for easy dressing.

For people who are able to walk but have poor arm movement or manual dexterity we have our easy to manage elasticated waist trousers, which don’t have any zips or fastenings.