Extra Wide Socks For Swollen Feet And Legs

Finding socks that fit comfortably when you have swollen feet or legs can be a challenge. Standard socks can be too tight and constricting, causing discomfort and even exacerbating swelling. That's why it's important to choose socks that are specifically designed for people with extra wide feet and legs. Our range of socks provide a roomier fit and can help improve circulation and reduce swelling. Whether you're suffering from conditions such as oedema, lymphedema or diabetes or just have naturally wide feet and legs, our selection of extra wide fitting socks could be just what you're looking for. Browse our range of socks designed for extra wide feet and legs to find the perfect fit for you.

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  1. Diabetic socks - 3 pack
    Diabetic socks - 3 pack
    £9.59 £7.99
  2. Extra Wide Oedema Socks
    Extra Wide Oedema Socks
    £17.40 £14.50
  3. Socks For Swollen Feet And Legs
    Socks For Swollen Feet And Legs
    £17.40 £14.50
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