Fingerless Wheelchair Pushing Gloves

Fingerless Wheelchair Pushing Gloves

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Fingerless Wheelchair Pushing Gloves

These fingerless wheelchair pushing gloves are very similar to the classic full-fingered gloves, except that these have only half fingers which stop above the first knuckle so that you have full use of your fingers. They do have a full thumb for best protection when pushing.

Perfect for use in the spring or summer, our Classic Fingerless Wheelchair Gloves allow the skin to breathe while offering the fingers greater freedom so the user can use touchscreens with ease.

With three stitched sections, these high-quality gloves give the ultimate comfort and protection, helping to prevent the formation of blisters and calluses. The design enables the hands to remain stable during wheelchair operation, which promotes user confidence and independence.

Manufactured to the same rigorous standards as our Classic Full Finger Gloves, they have ingenious cord finger pulls that make them easy to remove or fit, which is a real positive for users with limited hand or finger movement.

The full thumb safeguards against chafing, while the padded kick pad on the palm provides outstanding protection to the area that needs it most.

Strength and durability are features of the finest cow leather used to make these gloves, while the neoprene backing ensures a made to measure fit.


  • Fingerless design for more freedom and movement
  • Textured palms for enhanced grip
  • Wide Velcro wrist straps for full support
  • Quality leather for extremely durability
  • Smart and stylish design
  • Padded palms for extra protection and guarding
  • Machine washable at 30°





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