Wheelchair Waterproof Trousers

Warm Lined Waterproof Wheelchair Trousers

Our warm lined, waterproof and windproof trousers have a quilted lining, making them ideal for wheelchair users all year round. 

They are supplied as 2 separte legs and are cleverly cut and shaped so that the jacket overlaps them, and to avoid confusion when putting on we have made them identical, so that each one will fit either leg. The leggings simply pull on and come right up to the top of the legs, where they will stay in place under pressure of the thigh, but for added security or when transferring there are elasticated tabs at the sides which loop through a belt.

We have made the trousers one size, so they are wide enough to put over winter trousers.

These are ideal for anyone going out in a wheelchair in wet weather, and we introduced them as we know that some people don't want to wear a one-piece snug. They are cut long, as they must come right down to your shoes so that they cover the trousers you are wearing underneath. They can be adjusted in length to some extent by just pulling them up a little at the top, so don't be concerned that they will be too long for you. 

Are you looking for men's or women's waterproof wheelchair trousers?